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Stock Bike - $3,750 USD

ASI BAC4000 Installed - $4,550 USD

ASI BAC8000 Installed - $4,750 USD

ASI BAC8000 with Upgraded Battery - $7,550 USD

BAC4000 - $800 USD

BAC8000 - $1,000 USD

Upgraded Battery - $2,800 USD

Ninebot by Segway KickScooter ES4 - $789 USD

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Light | High Power with Heavy Torque | Swappable Battery

Double the Range and Power with our Controller and Battery Upgrades

The Segway / Sur Ron is an eco-friendly electric-powered dirt bike that has superior off-road performance. This bike was designed to be used by riders of all skill levels; it's compact, lightweight, easy to master, and has very low maintenance requirements. It makes it possible for anyone to have an exciting off-road adventure that they could only dream of before.

Adding a BAC8000 controller and an upgraded battery using Sony cells that fits under the lid, you will experience double the range and double the power compared to the stock bike.

Segway is a majority stakeholder in Sur Ron, and the Sur Ron X comes out of the same factory as the Segway X160 and X260 bikes.

The Nitro ASI BAC8000

Since our head office is just a short drive from ASI's offices, we are able to collaborate closely. We teamed up with ASI's head engineer, Martin Kunze, to deliver the best possible software on our controller - optimized for range, usable power, and speed for Sur Ron and Segway bikes. We also have BAC4000's available.

All controllers come with a metal mounting bracket and an OEM compatible wiring harness.

One Mode Fits All

We optimized our controller to have a smooth throttle through acceleration and to get the most range you can out of the battery your using. You won't need an eco and sport mode - you now have one mode that delivers smooth and usable power, when you need it, resulting in a great riding experience.

Regenerative Braking

Our controllers are shipped with throttle off regen. Anytime you release the throttle, the regenerative braking will engage. We can also install an electronic reverse throttle to control the regen upon request and will have variable regen that is triggered by your brakes coming out in the future - all controllers will be able to add this feature.


We provide an easy to follow installation manual and can accommodate free installations if you come to us or are located in the Toronto area. We are available by phone or video call if needed.

Custom Builds

We are also offering custom builds for anyone with their own or preferred battery, motor, throttle, etc. Contact us to get a quote.

Sony VTC6 60V45ah Battery Pack with 80 more cells than stock Sur Ron Battery!

Commercial fleet Solution

To keep an e-bike continuously running for your business, normally you would have to buy multiple batteries. We are providing swappable batteries that are future-ready for our unique rapid charging. When combined with a side-car, this solution is PERFECT for grocery and package couriers like Uber Eats, Instacart and Amazon. Now you can deliver pizza during the week and win races on the weekend.

No licence, insurance or registration is needed when limited to the local requirements for an e-bike.

If you run an Eco-tours bike park, you now have a more reliable and cost-effective alternative for your fleet. You know that electric is a quieter, environmentally friendlier, and easier-to-operate option, especially with no clutch or gears to change. Our solution can reduce the number of batteries needed by 60%.

Future Upgrades in development

1 killowatthour = 75 Liters of Gas

3 cents per kWh On demand hydrogen energy

$70 million invested with 22 years of research. Now you can plug your house into your vehicle for inexpensive, safe energy that also provides clean water and air with no emissions. It cleans the air.

Micro on demand decentralised power production drastically reduces power costs. Regular power requires transport and storage. 50% of power produced is lost in transport.

We have extensive experience in developing reliable and safe electrolysis systems. Recent breakthroughs have allowed us to reduce the power needed by a factor of ten, while producing 25% more gas. This allowed us to develop the most efficient power generation systems for buildings and drive trains for electric vehicles that can reduce battery sizes by over 30%.

Corporate history:

  1. First major investment in hydrogen in 1999 - Global Tech

  2. Second major investment in hydrogen - Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company (CHEC) with product Hydrogen Fuel Injection (HFI)

  3. Green Hydrogen Generation Incorporated

  4. B&B Electrolysers and Sustainable Engine Technology (SET)

  5. Emission Technology International (ETI)

Technological Development:

  1. Ran a 1980 GM Blazer on pure hydrogen in 1982

  2. The University of McGill department of chemical engineering conducted an in-depth study on the “Optimization of a Hydrogen Electrolysis Cell” for us in 2007

  3. Extensive cold chamber and hot climate testing

  4. No moving parts in our level detection system

  5. Transport trucks passing through California emissions testing with no other emission system in 2013

  6. Self-filling system - no water needs to be added. Currently using gravity fill, but can use pressure filling

  7. On demand hydrogen generation with double safety - never running unless the engine is running

  8. Can have an insulated process chamber

  9. Intelligent pulsing power supply for increased production - resulting in a 10:1 reduction in electricity needed for the same gas production

Past companies used fractional amounts of hydrogen introduced into the air intake to improve the combustion process. Some past results:

  1. A 2004 Freightliner in Texas

Fuel Consumption

Before Hydrogen Introduction

After Hydrogen Introduction

Average MPG

4.9 MPG

5.6 MPG

Result: Increase in MPG: 0.7 MPG or 12.5%

This 2004 Freightliner saw a 12.5% increase in fuel economy resulting in 260 gallons in fuel savings over the course of 11,750 miles. This reduction accounted for over $1,000 dollars in savings.

The trucks’ cost and environmental impact reduction were accompanied by an increase in horsepower and less visible exhaust smoke.

  1. A 2005 Kenworth with a CAT Engine in Texas

Fuel Consumption

Before Hydrogen Introduction

After Hydrogen Introduction

Average MPG

6.3 MPG

6.9 MPG

Result: Increase in MPG: 0.6 MPG or 8.7%

After 22 days of using this technology, the truck passed the California regulated snap test with a maximum of 40% emission allowed with a score of only 14.7%.

By increasing the average miles per gallon of the truck from 6.3 to 6.9, the truck was able to use 93 less gallons of fuel and save an estimated $380 over the course of 4,600 miles.

Features of our electrolysis system


  • half the cost of any competitive on demand hydrogen production units.

  • half the cost of muffler systems that only attack the problem after it has occurred rather than before


  • No electrolyte can leave the process chamber without sensors stopping operations, returning the engine to normal operation.

  • Gas is never stored and only produced when the engine is running – key/alt

  • Built to ASME pressure vessel standards and never holds more than two pounds of pressure – but can hold large amounts and withstand much more than any potential explosive force.

  • Circular vs stacked

  • Durability and longevity – nickel 200 , UHMW plastic, Teflon

  • Long lasting lifespans

  • No contamination in the process chamber – after any length of time running, we can pull the plug out of the bottom and electrolyte will run out clear.

  • -40 to +70 – all climates

  • No other on demand hydrogen generation unit can operate at the temperatures ours can

  • Our design has over a million actual, on the road miles in various climates and terrains.

  • When the water tank is frozen, the systems can run 5-7 hours before requiring a fill, which is ample time for the water tank to thaw.

In 2013, a truck with “green hydrogen generator” installed passed California Emission Standards without CA exhaust filter units

←14.8% using only our system

←40%maximum limit allowed

Current Applications:

  1. Drive Train

This system can be integrated into 2, 3, and 4 wheeled vehicles today. By incorporating a small water tank, hydrogen combustion motor combined with a generator, and our electrolysis system, we can reduce the number of batteries needed for electric vehicles.

  1. Power Generation

Combined with a battery bank and a generator that runs on mostly hydrogen and some hydrocarbon fuel, we are able to deliver very low cost, environmentally friendly power. We install our clean power generation system with no cost to the customer and will charge roughly 20% less than their current utility provider. We retain ownership of the power generation system and will handle maintenance and fuel delivery.

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