Teznic Upgrade Kits

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Stock Bike - $3,750 USD

ASI BAC4000 Installed - $4,550 USD

ASI BAC8000 Installed - $4,750 USD

ASI BAC8000 with Upgraded Battery - $7,550 USD

BAC4000 - $800 USD

BAC8000 - $1,000 USD

Upgraded Battery - $2,800 USD

Ninebot by Segway KickScooter ES4 - $789 USD

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Light | High Power with Heavy Torque | Swappable Battery

Double the Range and Power with our Controller and Battery Upgrades

The Segway / Sur Ron is an eco-friendly electric-powered dirt bike that has superior off-road performance. This bike was designed to be used by riders of all skill levels; it's compact, lightweight, easy to master, and has very low maintenance requirements. It makes it possible for anyone to have an exciting off-road adventure that they could only dream of before.

Adding a BAC8000 controller and an upgraded battery using Sony cells that fits under the lid, you will experience double the range and double the power compared to the stock bike.

Segway is a majority stakeholder in Sur Ron, and the Sur Ron X comes out of the same factory as the Segway X160 and X260 bikes.

The Nitro ASI BAC8000

Since our head office is just a short drive from ASI's offices, we are able to collaborate closely. We teamed up with ASI's head engineer, Martin Kunze, to deliver the best possible software on our controller - optimized for range, usable power, and speed for Sur Ron and Segway bikes. We also have BAC4000's available.

All controllers come with a metal mounting bracket and an OEM compatible wiring harness.

One Mode Fits All

We optimized our controller to have a smooth throttle through acceleration and to get the most range you can out of the battery your using. You won't need an eco and sport mode - you now have one mode that delivers smooth and usable power, when you need it, resulting in a great riding experience.

Regenerative Braking

Our controllers are shipped with throttle off regen. Anytime you release the throttle, the regenerative braking will engage. We can also install an electronic reverse throttle to control the regen upon request and will have variable regen that is triggered by your brakes coming out in the future - all controllers will be able to add this feature.


We provide an easy to follow installation manual and can accommodate free installations if you come to us or are located in the Toronto area. We are available by phone or video call if needed.

Custom Builds

We are also offering custom builds for anyone with their own or preferred battery, motor, throttle, etc. Contact us to get a quote.

Sony VTC6 60V45ah Battery Pack with 80 more cells than stock Sur Ron Battery!

Commercial fleet Solution

To keep an e-bike continuously running for your business, normally you would have to buy multiple batteries. We are providing swappable batteries that are future-ready for our unique rapid charging. When combined with a side-car, this solution is PERFECT for grocery and package couriers like Uber Eats, Instacart and Amazon. Now you can deliver pizza during the week and win races on the weekend.

No licence, insurance or registration is needed when limited to the local requirements for an e-bike.

If you run an Eco-tours bike park, you now have a more reliable and cost-effective alternative for your fleet. You know that electric is a quieter, environmentally friendlier, and easier-to-operate option, especially with no clutch or gears to change. Our solution can reduce the number of batteries needed by 60%.

Future Upgrades in development

Upgrades will be made available to existing customers first, and include:

  • New Frame with a rear swing arm that houses the motor at the pivot point to allow for a 4kW battery to increase range to over 150 km.

  • Rapid-charging (80% in under 30 minutes ) to reduce the number of batteries needed for continuous use.

  • Variable regen incorporated into the existing hydraulic break lever compatible with Shimano Saint M820.

  • Developing an app for a ruggedised smartphone that communicates with the batteries and the Nitro ASI 8000.

  • OTA (over-the-air) updates and pro-active monitoring to reduce costly repairs and downtime.

  • Security system with live video and audio informing the thief that they are being recorded on video and police have been contacted. Tracking and alerts to prevent theft with the ability to remotely disable the bike.

  • Two wheel drive drive with regenerative breaking, ABS, traction and launch control

  • Wireless mesh network for WiFi using the bikes as nodes.

  • V2G for energy savings. Like a Tesla power wall or micro grid on wheels. Using our rapid charging technology, your bike can push power back into the building when it's not being used.

  • Rapid charger and controller with energy savings in one unit incorporated into the build of the bike for an on board charger.

  • Hemp frame and battery.

  • Driver assist and collision avoidance.

  • Below are pictures of the 4kW Toroidal motor that requires no reduction gears or jackshaft and is much more efficient for regen that costs same as the 3000b Golden motor/ Sur Ron motor but performs like a 5Kw. Less space, cost and weight. It has push and pull magnets that are staggered and is like 3 motors in one that produces low end low rpm and high rpm high speed efficiently.

  • In development is a Sur Ron combined with the looks of a Carbon Fiber GT Fury downhill bike made of Hemp carbon fiber like material. It will look more like a GT Fury than a sur ron but will be 150 pounds and use the components, seat, wheel set... etc from a CRF Honda 150R Expert 190 pound gas bike. (see video below). The Components are less expensive and much stronger than downhill bike components and much easier to get and service. The end result will be a 150 pound bike with more power than a 450cc gas motorbike with 90% less maintenance. $5500 USD retail. 10 min charge goes 100 miles. max range 250 miles. 100 mph top speed. On board integrated charger/ controller.

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