About Us

All of us at Teznic share a strong passion for electric vehicles, the environment, and innovation. Together, we are creating solutions to make riding electric vehicles more economical and fun.

Our Team

We have gathered experts from various fields who are leading innovation in their respective industries - from the world's first hemp electric car to break-through electrolysis technology and much more.

We are all focused on one common goal - to reduce the environmental impact of transportation. Our goal is to make clean and safe energy financially the only choice, while helping people to socially and economically uplift themselves.


We have partnered with ASI in Waterloo to tap into their electric motor controller expertise and we are working with them to incorporate our power management technology, capable of increasing regenerative braking efficiency up to 30% while tracking analytics.

Alex Logie - CEO/CFO

Alex Logie has 30 years of experience in the financial services sector and is currently a management consultant in the bio-tech & cannabis industries where his clients include groups like the Stanley Brothers, founders of the world’s largest CBD wellness company, Charlotte’s Web.

He was most recently interim CFO, acting COO and SVP Business Development at Natura Naturals Inc., a privately held Licensed Producer of cannabis that was acquired by Tilray Inc. (NASDAQ: TLRY) in February 2019 in a transaction valued at C$82 million in cash and stock. Alex was responsible for developing the financial model for Natura and for managing their C$20 million equity and convertible debt financings. In addition, he managed the completion of Natura’s greenhouse retrofit and the commissioning, growing and harvesting at the facility.

In addition, he was a Founding Director, Interim CFO and SVP of Business Development at San Diego, CA-based Tsunami VR, Inc., a global leader in virtual and augmented reality collaboration software. He has been a long-term consultant to Faryx Energy Inc., working on their wind, solar, pipeline and agri-business projects in various parts of the USA.

Alex was a Co-Founder and the CFO of Crane Capital Group, which was acquired by Bear Stearns Asset Management in 2007. Additionally, he was the Founder and CEO of Mercury Capital, a TSE Venture Exchange-listed capital pool corporation acquired by Canada Coal, and he served as CEO of Hong Kong-based Baron Asset Management. After graduating from Queen’s University’s BCom program, Alex spent 12 years as Executive Vice President of Citibank Canada, where he was the head trader in the Global Debt Derivatives group.

Tom Ross - COO

Tom Ross is a grower of communities and businesses. A serial entrepreneur with a background in energy systems engineering, his first business introduced an electrolysis system for four-stroke engines that increased their fuel efficiency and reduced pollution. Tom also designed automated agricultural systems, such as recirculating aquaculture systems for fish and deep water culture hydroponics.

Tom is currently a Director at The Georgina Trades Training Institute (GTTI), with a focus on helping disenfranchised youth become self sufficient through trades and technology education. He has been a director at several local nonprofits and has been appointed to town advisory committees. Tom has successfully secured government funding for many community and business projects, and he has administered federal grants and loans.

Nathan Armstrong - Lead Product Developer

Nathan Armstrong is a leading Automotive and Aerospace Design Engineer who has been sought out by top vehicle manufacturers worldwide for over 20 years. Tesla, Mercedes and Volvo represent just a few of the companies that have benefitted from his design and product management expertise. He is well known for his ability to optimize project scope and guide teams to achieve realistic and reliable project schedules.

Devoted to introducing technology that creates real world transportation solutions, Nathan designed and produced the world’s first hemp electric car: the Kestrel. His innovations have led to his appearance on CNN and The Discovery Channel. The company he founded, Motive Industries, was featured in over 100 magazines.

One of Nathan’s dreams is to share his knowledge with youth worldwide, so that our planet’s transition to resource-friendly electric vehicles is as smooth and quick as possible.

Currently the Lead Product Designer for Genesis Robotics, Nathan has also been VP of Engineering for Havelaar Canada, and VP of Engineering for Draganfly Innovations. He is also our in-house test driver, enthusiastically evaluating each design from start to finish.

Stephen Sutherland, Head of Systems Integration

Stephen Sutherland is a technology visionary, inventor, and patent holder with extensive design, business, and global standards expertise. He has repeatedly driven concepts through to commercial products ahead of the curve in multiple emerging mass markets – including electronic publishing, document management, Internet access control, e-commerce, and wireless imaging – and firms such as Adobe Systems and Best Buy & Co. have acquired and built large customer bases on Steve's leading-edge innovations. His foundational patents span software and hardware including energy storage, personal service robotics, and hyper-efficient micro-rail transit systems for people, goods and services – passionately designed to meet the scale of our global climate crisis.

Steve is a Systems Design Engineering (honours Management Sciences/Computer Engineering) graduate of the University of Waterloo where he has also served on the UW Senate, Executive, and Finance committees. He is a member of the Industry Advisory Board of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and as an active participant in technology collaborations over three decades, his experience with many international groups includes past leadership of the Internet Imaging Protocol (the catalyst for mass-scale web imaging platforms such as Google Maps). Steve is currently President & CEO of CrossWing Autonomous Transportation Systems Inc. (“Trellis”) where together with Teznic, ‘last-mile’ breakthroughs will solve gridlock delays – ensuring rapid deliveries, even in the most congested cities worldwide.

Darren McKeage, VP of Design

Darren McKeage has been doing projects for OEM concept cars and smaller start up EV projects for several years. Keage Concepts found its roots at Motive Industries, a design firm focussing on ideation, styling, 3D surfacing and photorealistic visualization of vehicles and products for such companies as Magnovate Technologies, West Coast Customs, Fusion Motorsports and Zero to 60 Designs. Darren has a masters degree with distinction in Automotive Design from Coventry University in the UK and a bachelor of design degree from the Alberta College of Art and Design. His projects include the hemp bodied, bio-composite, EV Motive Kestrel, a custom Tesla supercar for Will.i.am, Bison EV pickup truck and the GTT for Zero to 60 Designs.

John MacNaught - CMO

John MacNaught is a recognized sales and marketing authority in the USA and Canada. With more than 30 years of sales and management experience in direct selling, he brings value to start-up companies who seek to establish their brands in North America. John has built businesses from start-up to producing $10 million dollars a month in sales inside 24 months. He has managed very large teams of salespeople, consulted for more than a dozen direct selling companies, and has provided paralegal support regarding distribution rights. His strengths are in building teams, legal compliance, and inspiring marketers and sales professionals. Currently, Mr. MacNaught is bringing a billion-dollar company that is well established in South East Asia to the USA.

Simon Tacilauskas

Simon is a mountain bike guide and instructor at Blue Mountain Resorts as well as a Regional Technical Trainer for SportChek Ontario (the largest Canadian retailer of sporting clothing and equipment). He is certified in bike mechanics from the highly regarded Barnett Bicycle Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Maria Alekseeva - Advisor to The Board

Maria Alekseeva graduated McMaster University in 2011 and started her own immigration consulting agency to help others like her through the process. Since then, she has helped over 1,000 clients move or immigrate to Canada. Maria has had viral content on social media and brings her marketing and digital project management expertise to the team.

Logan Williams

Logan Williams is an enthusiastic, young entrepreneur, who is soon to be studying Mechatronics Engineering at the Univeristy of Waterloo. Logan has been building motorcycles and working on mountain bikes since he could lift a wrench. He has experience working on freelance software and graphic design projects, and he possesses crucial industry and technical knowledge.

Bill Ross - Electrolysis Expert

Bill Ross ran his first truck off pure hydrogen in 1979. Since then, he’s been working with electrolysis to reduce emissions from combustion engines. He has patented several electrolysis applications related to four stroke engines which have been validated to show reduced fuel consumption and emissions. Bill brings a wealth of mechanical knowledge to the team and has integrated an electrolysis system into our drive train. Regenerative breaking instantly creates a lot of power and can damage batteries; Bill’s electrolysis system harnesses this power like a capacitor and uses it to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, that is stored for later use.

James Howard - Legal Advisor

James Howard has a background in engineering and law. As an engineer, he helped create technical solutions and develop new technologies. When he became a lawyer, he acted as an intellectual property and contract lawyer on behalf of AT&T Global. James was born in Jamaica, and has lived in New York - where he opened a free health clinic.

Adrián García - Advisor

Adrián García has invested and worked with early stage startups based in Latin America and the US for the past 10 years. His recent experience includes companies in the SaaS, consumer software, marketplaces, fintech, and education industries. Before founding Carao Ventures, Adrián was an Associate at Mesoamerica, a leading consulting and private equity firm in Latin America. He is passionate and actively involved in advocating for marine conservation, public education improvement, and Internet openness and transparency. Adrián is father of 2 children and has a Bachelor's Degree in Economics with honours from the University of Texas in Austin, an MBA at MIT Sloan School of Management, and is a Fellow at Central America Leadership Initiative (CALI), part of Aspen Global Leadership Network (AGLN).

Raquel Bolanos - Advisor

Raquel Bolanos is a bilingual professional artist, software engineer, and protector of rainforests. She co-founded the Movimiento Rios Vivos de Costa Rica, an environmental group that preserves the waterways of her country by preventing the excessive construction of hydro dams. Raquel holds a bachelors degree in Software Engineering from Ulatina in Costa Rica and a masters degree in Environmental Studies from York University in Canada. She has been a Professor of Art at many schools as well as the Director of Education at the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary.

Jeff Jacobsen - Advisor

Jeff Jacobsen is a dual citizen with influence in both the USA and Costa Rica. Jeff was a Commodity Futures Trader from 1982-2006, is a member of the New York Futures Exchange, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Intercontinental Exchange, and the New York Mercantile Exchange. In 1993, he founded LOS Squawk Box, the first verbal reporting service for both price and commentary direct from the trading floor. Jeff has helped Costa Rican clients purchase US made equipment with guaranteed funding through the US EXIM Bank. He was also the creator of the "Perez Zeledon <Zero-2-Cerro>, Walk,Hike,Trek,Run,MTB,E-MTB Race-if you want to", an event that attracts tourism to Perez Zeledon.

Advisors to the Board

We appreciate the continued support from our valued advisors:

  • David Shiflett
  • Code Group Canada